We opened Millennium Tux over 40 years ago with one mission: rent folks boxy, baggy garbage suits for weddings, funerals, yacht parties and what have you.

Renting a suit at Millennium Tux is the same today as it was in 1973. That's my guarantee. That means:

  1. Shop on website, come into the store to rent.
  2. Same garbage everybody else rents - may as well rent it here.
  3. Your suit WILL cover your body.
  4. We know "business" can't be "personal," so we stay hands-off.
  5. Renting isn't supposed to be perfect people.
  6. What you see is what you get. (That's why we keep photos simple here.)
  7. Bring it back on time.

We'll NEVER change how we rent suits. That's my guarantee!